RE/Advantage is a web technology company that specialized in producing cutting-edge websites for the Real Estate Industry. Along with an advanced understanding of data integration, we are able to offer a complete line of solutions for Offices, Agents, Boards and MLS's. Our products have been developed over the last 20 years with the support of our users who are an integral part of our development process.

We may be small, but we have BIG experience

We are a very diverse group of people, personalities and disciplines which makes for a great combination to produce the applications we do. When we are not hard at work programming, you might see us in our parking lot with a grill, some beach chairs, chilling out and talking about the next big upgrade. Our passion and desire to constantly make our solutions better is what makes us stand out. We are never ever happy with what we have and always are talking and mapping out ways to make our solutions better and in turn make your more successful. Next time you are in the area stop by, we always BBQ extra just in case!

We treat you like FAMILY

We take you seriously, whether you're a Board, office or agent, all of you are important to us, but don't take us too seriously. We're crazy and edgy and thats what makes us good. We have formed friendships from back to childhood with people we work with, and we have become close to our customers and formed bonds as we would family. We value a mutual respect for each other, while forming long-lasting relationships that we hope you will become a part of and join our little family.

RE/Advantage provided me with a complete solution and had helped me every step of the way in developing my online marketing strategy.

Michael D. - Coldwell Banker

Our Clients